They’re everywhere – Updates on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


We’re shocked, shocked that details of Samsung’s lineup for the next month or three are leaking everywhere. Shocked! Nah, not really. But the product pool has definitely sprung a larger leak than usual.

First up, Samsung has definitely got a Galaxy Note 5 coming (not that there was ever any doubt) and they’ve definitely got a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on the way. That’s confirmed, thanks to a couple of listings by the FCC. The certification board in Singapore has also confirmed the devices right down to their names, although the S6 Edge upgrade is being styled the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in that country.

S6 Edge Plus LeakAnd the S6 Edge Plus (or +) has been sighted. Or at least, a store dummy that illustrates its size has been outed by German website All About Samsung. The dummy phone doesn’t have any clues about the curve-screened handset other than its approximate size, which is mighty close to the Note 4’s 5.7-inch screen in the image above. We were expecting around 5.5-inches, looks like Samsung might opt for something a smidgen larger.

Note CaseMore info concerning the Galaxy Note 5 have pitched up to this little leaky party, with a casing for the new phablet potentially spoiling at least one of Samsung’s surprises. The casing for the handset, which is listed on Amazon at present, suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 will have a modified S Pen which sits flat against the frame of the phone. Users will likely have to eject the stylus by pressing into the back of it, a new feature for Samsung’s phones. SamMobile is also speculating that the company will be bringing an auto-eject feature to the phone and they have reason to think so – Samsung does have a patent on just such a feature and it’s be interesting to see which approach Samsung selects.

There may be leaks aplenty but an official reveal event is just around the corner. Samsung is supposedly going to be unveiling the Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus on 12 August. We’ll be peeking in on that announcement for final confirmation of everything we’ve seen so far.

Source: SlashGear, Engadget, SamMobile



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