SanDisk’s wireless flash drive – Why didn’t they think of this sooner?


Think carefully now – When was the last time that you used a CD? It might not be as far back as the Stuff team recalls but odds are that, unless you use them for work, CDs and other optical media haven’t featured in your computing for ages. It’s all about flash storage now but even that has a down-side – You need to plug them in.

Sandisk WirelessOr do you? SanDisk has revealed a new type of flash drive, called the Connect Wireless Stick. We bet you can guess what that does.

The Connect Wireless Stick has been designed to function as storage for smartphones, mostly, which we appreciate since so many high-end phones are eschewing microSD storage these days. The stick, which will become available in capacities up to 128GB, will be able to wirelessly connect to a smartphone and stream content (movies, for instance) to the device.

SanDisk also says that their wireless flash drive will work with tablets and computers – we have to assume they mean a computer with WiFi capabilities on that last one – and it’ll also function as a standard flash drive via the USB connector. The only problem? It’ll need to be charged from time to time but you should be able to stream files to a device for about 4.5 hours before needing to top up what must be a tiny battery.

The Connect Wireless Stick has only been priced for the States as yet, where it will start at R375, with costs going up to R1,250 for the 128GB stick.

Source: BusinessWire via Engadget


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