Apple could be skipping the iPad Air this year


Prepare the salt, because you’re going to need more a pinch of it for the newest rumour concerning Apple’s tablet lineup for 2015. A new report, from website Economic Daily News, claims that Apple will be passing over launching a refreshed iPad Air for this year, opting instead to focus their (and your) attention on that larger iPad Pro we’re still convinced is coming in a couple of months.

New iPad PairThe information comes from an analyst (that’s where the salt comes in), Liaoxian Li, at Fubon Hardware, who believes that Apple will be getting Foxconn to focus on production of the iPad Pro. Foxconn is the company’s main source of iPad hardware so any production changes will happen there but we’d be more inclined to believe it if the info came from Apple direct.

According to Li we might not see an iPad Air until 2016, while a new iPad mini would be making an appearance alongside the iPad Pro – giving us the long and short of it. But Li also believes that 2015’s iPad mini will be the last model of the smaller form-factor, with Apple concentrating on their two bigger tablets in future.

Like we said, a fistful of salt with this one. It wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to throw out their popular iPad Air to concentrate on a product that hasn’t been tested in the market, no matter how exciting the prospect of a 12.9-inch iPad is. Even if the rumour is largely accurate, with Apple nothing is final until they say it is.

Source: Economic Daily News via MacRumours


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