Kickstart your way to a safer bike ride with the Lumos


Cycling is dangerous enough that taking to your bike in full daylight is hazardous. Dawn, dusk or night riding ups the danger factor considerably, though this can be mitigated by the correct implementation of lights and reflective clothing. Even then, you’re not as visible as you might like.

A new Kickstarter for a light-laden cycling helmet hopes to change all that. The Lumos, which recently launched on Kickstarter, has already smashed past its $125,000 funding target and is hovering around the $150,000 mark at the time of writing.

What’s so special about the Lumos? It comes fitted with a front light built into the helmet itself, as well as user-activated indicators in the front and rear. Best of all, there’s an automatic brake light built into the back, so motorists behind you will know exactly when you’re slowing down when the light is fading.


The indicators are activated by a waterproof handlebar-mounted controller, while the brake lights make use of an accelerometer to figure out when you’re slowing down before displaying that large red triangle at the back of your skull. The helmet needs charging occasionally, with a 1,000mAh battery built into the brain-protector. The handlebar controller takes batteries but Lumos says that these can be easily replaced.

Lumos3You’d think that the Lumos would be a weighty crown but it comes in at just 410 grams. Our only concern might be that we’ve only seen it demoed on mountain bikes. Its usefulness on a racing or road bike isn’t certain but it’d definitely make for a safer ride. There’s still a chance to nab a fairly early edition of the Lumos at a discount from the Kickstarter page, so head on over if you’re looking at some high-tech headwear.

Source: Kickstarter via The Next Web


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