R230,000 will net you a Limited Edition TIE Fighter music box


Just how far does your Star Wars fandom extend? That’s the question that this music box, called the MusicMachine 3, poses.

The creation of watchmakers MB&F and Reuge, the MusicMachine 3 is an old-school music box, meaning that the tunes it tinkles out are all created mechanically. We haven’t seen one of those in a while and we broke the last one we had in our hands.

That’d be a bad idea here, as this TIE Fighter-themed musical apparatus will set you back more than $18,400 (R230,000). There’s a reason for the high price, obviously.

We suspect it’s the engineering, as all of the moving parts have been designed to look like they belong on the TIE Fighter. The winding keys on the left and right look like the craft’s thrusters, the rotating sections along the sides fit into the framework and the rest of the mechanism, including the air cylinder, live in the centre part of the craft. Oh, and the note keys are hand-tuned and the wings and base all help to enhance the sound produced. One last thing: The MusicMachine 3 is also limited to a run of 99 items, hence the price.

If, like us, your wallet won’t allow you to own one of these music boxes, you can at least see it in action and daydream about having one on your kid’s bedside table one day. Under a glass box. That is bolted to the table. Watch on for a selection of Star Wars and other movie themes played by this limited edition machine.

Source: via Gizmodo


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