Come on now – Samsung developing an 11K, 2,250ppi smartphone screen


We get it, the more pixels you can pack into a screen the better it will look. But there’s an upper limit to what the human eye can discern and we’ve already passed that point. So news that Samsung is working on an 11K smartphone screen has us scratching our heads a bit.

Leaving aside the ‘Why would you do that?’ for the moment, Samsung’s reported to be developing 5.75 smartphone screens with a resolution of 11,264 x 6,336, according to Korea’s Electronic Times. That’s an eye-ball caressing pixel density of 2,250ppi, with the screen size and resolution coming by way of Phone Arena.

This super-resolution has a point beyond ‘Because we can’, though. Samsung is hoping to implement a 3D-look to these screens, using an optical illusion to give images on-screen a bit of depth. So even if you’re not going to see all those pixels, they should have a use.

Samsung’s not going it alone though, there are 13 other companies getting in on the act, as well as the South Korean government. $26.5 million is being thrown at the development of a super-screen by South Korea’s government, in fact. It’s hoped that a working prototype will be available in 2018, though it’s unlikely to be sooner than that. The project only kicked off last month, so we’re still in the very early stages of development so 2018 may be extremely optimistic.

Source: Electronic Times 


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