BlackBerry acquires two Android-related domain names, fuelling handset speculation


Just about everything BlackBerry does these days has folks wondering whether the company is going to be releasing that Android handset we’ve all been expecting. With all the talk about BlackBerry’s Venice featuring an Android OS, registering two new Android-related internet domains probably wasn’t BlackBerry’s best idea.

But that’s what has happened. BlackBerry has registered and, sparking more talk that the company has something more friendly in mind for the Android OS. Right now redirects to another Android-related BlackBerry website concerning Android Lollipop and BES12’s compatibility.

BlackBerry does have an official explanation for the domain name registrations, which seem quite unrelated to the rumoured phone. The company said “BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio. Android is an important part of our cross-platform enterprise software strategy.”

The statement makes a lot of sense but that hasn’t stopped the speculation from happening. Folks everywhere are counting the domain registrations last week as another sign that BlackBerry has an Android phone coming out – even though the company so far has refused to confirm rumours of the handset’s existence.

Source: Reuters


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