On the band wagon – Facebook looking at entering streaming music


You want streaming music? Everyone is going to be offering it soon and by ‘everyone’ we mean Facebook, if a recent report is accurate. Apple’s chimed in on streaming music with the launch of Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify are already on the market and it appears that the social network is also looking for a slice of the musical pie.

A report from website Music Ally claims, citing unnamed sources, that Facebook is going to be trialling ad-supported music videos on their service soon and that this will be a prelude to a music-streaming service of their very own. Which makes sense, if you’ve got a massive user base then offering them streaming music (with ads) could proved very profitable.

Their entry into what is already a crowded market could be some way away though, as the company will reportedly be taking on Google’s YouTube music videos first. Once that’s been tucked out of the way, a more traditional streaming service could be on the cards. The ad-supported music videos are said to be at an advanced stage – a Content ID system is being brought in from a third-party company, according to sources, and we could see Facebook music videos appearing in the next few months.

Facebook’s entry into streaming music isn’t a given yet, as they still have a way to go before it’s ready to launch. What the playing field looks like closer to the time will be important but Facebook might have a substantial advantage over other newcomers –  a fairly active audience built in from the start.

Source: Music Ally


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