Not unexpected: LG announces the LG G4 Beat


Well, that’s surprising. Not really, a mid-range version of a flagship phone has come to be expected from the likes of LG and Samsung these days. LG’s G4 is a great phone but it’s also bound to be out of budget range for a lot of people. For those people, LG has announced the LG G4 Beat.

Before we start on what you can expect, South Africa is only in the second wave of releases for the G4 Beat. The handset will first launch in selected countries in Europe and South America this month before making its way down here to the tip of Africa. Awww…

As for the phone itself, when it does arrive it’ll be sporting a 5.2-inch 1080p display. Honestly, we like the direction mid-range is going these days. It’ll also feature the Snapdragon 615 CPU, which as we saw from Sony’s M4 Aqua is not a bad little chip at all.

1.5GB of system memory, 8GB of storage (LG better be leaving in a microSD slot) and a removable battery are all features of the G4 Beat. The camera, the emphasis in the flagchip model, is also getting the most attention here. There are two rear camera models coming and we’re not sure which will arrive in SA. The 8MP rear camera with its colour spectrum sensor and laser autofocus is the most likely arrival, there’s a 13MP rear camera heading to certain South American markets as well. There’s a 5MP selfie camera coming across the range as well.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, for anywhere, but LG says that a local announcement will pitch up just prior to launch. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: LG


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