Star Wars nut? – There’s now an app for that particular addiction


If only we’d had smartphones when the original trilogy of Star Wars films hit theatres back in the days when special effects were built by hand. By now you’d probably be able to order your own Death Star. But an official Star Wars app is only now making its first appearance, for both iOS and Android, so we’ve got another 30 years or so to wait before mistaking something for a moon.

The wait for a gigantic space station-slash-weapon won’t be so bad when you see what the Star Wars app from Disney can do. Its main purpose is to keep fans abreast of the progress and launch of The Force Awakens, with news updates and trailers being a major feature but there’s more to it than just marketing.

Disney have offered up a soundboard, with iconic quotes from the previous films, a selfie feature that lets you put your face into the body of Force-wielding warriors and other characters and the ability to theme your app towards the Dark and Light sides of the Force. Because you have to pick a side.

There’s a GIF library (however you pronounce it) and also augmented reality features in the app using your phone’s camera, as well as a light saber training section. And you’re not going to miss it but it needs to be mentioned – there’s also a massive to-the-second countdown to the release of The Force Awakens.

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