Explore a single planet in No Man’s Sky’s extended gameplay video


We’ve been excited by No Man’s Sky since we first heard about it, if only for the scale that Hello Games is hoping to achieve with this open-universe sci-fi explore-em-up. But we’ve seen little of what the game will entail, aside from brief snatches of the game as a whole. Until now.

Gaming website IGN has released the first of a series of looks at No Man’s Sky and they’ve got Hello Games founder Sean Murray doing a voice-over as he plays through what you can expect from a very, very tiny portion of the game.

What you need to remember, and what this 18-minute playthrough makes very clear by the end of the video, is that what you’re seeing is just a small part of an entire procedurally-generated planet, as well as one of its moons, that exists in a single solar system. And the number of systems out there are staggeringly huge, making the reach-the-centre-of-the-universe objective a lengthy proposition.

You don’t have to follow the objective. You can play the pirate, mercenary, trader or naturalist if you like, just bumbling round a small section of the literal universe that No Man’s Sky has to offer. That excitement? It’s not going away any time soon.

Source: IGN (YouTube)


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