Retroviral joins the Bidvest Group


South African digital communications agency Retroviral has joined the Bidvest Group’s media arm. Retroviral will form part of Bidvest Media, which in turn falls under the Group’s travel services division.

Retroviral was founded in 2010 by Mike Sharman and Murray Legg. Legg is exiting the business as part of the deal. Bidvest has taken a majority stake in Retroviral, which will stay in its Sandton offices for the time being. Bidvest Media CEO Neil Jankelowitz says the deal is more about providing Retroviral with access to the decentralised Bidvest Group than taking control of the company and its activities.

“Joining Bidvest allows Retroviral to remain an award-winning, world-class African entity with the capacity to expand internationally,” Sharman says. “From Bidvest’s perspective, the move is a strategic investment, as Retroviral has the capabilities to provide the entire Bidvest Group with media services.”

Sharman says Retroviral has “adopted a disruptive approach to digital” since its formation five years ago. “We will continue to create tomorrow what doesn’t exist today by challenging our clients and our competitors.”


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