Coming to the iPhone 6S – 4K video recording, better modem and battery life?


The Apple harvest is always a fruitful one, with the orchard of rumours frequently littered with scattered speculation. Okay, enough with trying to stretch the metaphor, there’s a fresh crop of rumour (sorry) for the iPhone 6S concerning the camera, modem and battery life of the handset.

Seeming to confirm previous reports is a leak that claims that Apple’s rear camera will indeed be making the jump from 8MP to 12MP but the megapixel upgrade isn’t going to be alone. The report, coming anonymously by way of Chinese website Sina Weibo, says that the iPhone 6S’ camera will also support 4K video recording. Welcome to the future Apple users, if that’s the case.

Modern Modem

9to5mac_6s16The 6S will also be getting a modem upgrade, one which will have a knock-on effect to more than just connectivity if a report from 9to5Mac is on the money.

A series of images purported to show the internals of Apple’s upcoming handset show a brand new Qualcomm modem, the MDM9635M, which has been around for a time. But it hasn’t been in the iPhone and its inclusion could mean a boost for data transfer rate, from 150Mbps to 300Mbps – the modem’s theoretical maximum. The new iPhone may not move that fast, especially here, but we’re almost definitely looking at a speed bump.

The MDM9635M is also a more efficient chip, which could have several effects. The smaller profile could allow for a larger battery, the phone will generate less heat to boot, so battery life could be improving in two places here.

As usual though, Apple’s not confirming squat for us just yet so we’re going to have to wait till their official unveiling to see which of the rumours are true.

Source: Engadget, 9to5Mac


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