What the OS X El Capitan beta tells us about upcoming iMacs and the Apple TV


Retina iMacIt’s hard to keep a secret when there’s a public beta available, because of all those inconvenient folks who are going to poke around in your code and see what’s coming next. That’s a lesson that Apple’s probably learned by now.

Website 9to5Mac have been doing the poking in Apple’s OS X El Capitan beta and they’ve unearthed a couple of interesting things. Among them, a reference to a 4K video resolution (4,096 x 2,304) that is lower than the 5K resolution of the new 27-inch iMac. But… this has sparked speculation that Apple’s got an updated screen coming for a 21.5-inch iMac refresh. This is bolstered by a reference to Intel’s Iris Pro 6200 graphics chip, which could also make an appearance in such a refresh. Oh, and four AMD GPU models will be supported by El Capitan – the M380, M390, M395 and M395X members of the R9 family.

Also spotted was a reference to an Apple Bluetooth Remote. Based on the contents found in the file, this could be a remote fitted with a multi-touch trackpad, which supports IR, and  and is thought to be a wholly new device from Apple. It could be used to control an Apple TV update, though there’s no indication that is its actual purpose. Yet.

The Bluetooth Remote could be used to give Siri orders and there’s some slight reference to Force Touch being included in the thing as well – though that part’s a little sketchier than the rest.

This is what happens when you let your software out early. Not that we’re complaining.

Source: 9to5Mac


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