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Days after announcing it’s consolidating and cutting the prices on its prepaid data bundles Telkom has introduced a range of mobile voice bundles that it says it aimed at limiting out-of-bundle expenses for its customers. Once customers are out of voice minutes they can purchase the new bundles, each of which offers in-bundle rates.

“These enhancements are a result of our renewed focus to drive innovation that delivers a sustainable balance of choice, flexibility and affordability to our customers,” says Attila Vitai, Telkom’s MD for consumer and mobile services.

Telkom customers can buy once-off or recurring voice bundles — all of which are billed per second — to tack onto their existing accounts. The new bundles are applicable to postpaid/contract, saver/top-up and prepaid Telkom customers. Once-off bundles can be bought via USSD by dealing *180#. Alternatively, the masochistic can call Telkom’s call centre to activate recurring bundles.

Prepaid and saver/top-up subscribers have to first purchase airtime and then use it to buy voice bundles using the aforementioned USSD code. Users can have their balances sent to them via SMS by dialling *188#. Users will also be notified by SMS when their voice bundle drops to 10 remaining minutes.

The bundles come in three flavours, those that apply to any network (all-network minutes), those that apply to calls to other Telkom mobile customers (Telkom mobile minutes) and a third that can be used to call Telkom fixed lines (Telkom fixed-line minutes).

Once-off bundles are valid until the end of the following calendar month, while recurring voice bundles can be carried over up to a maximum of six times that particular bundle’s value.

Here’s the full breakdown of the new bundles:Telkom Voice Bundles


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