LG’s new Band Play mid-ranger focuses on music


We’ve seen this before, from Nokia back when they were a thing. LG have announced that they’ve got a new mid-range phone on the market and this one is being aimed at users who are all about the tunes.

To that end, LG have made their new Band Play a mid-range handset in the usual sectors but there some improvements in the audio specs department to be had.

The stuff we usually look at isn’t all that beefy, there’s a Snapdragon 410 1.2GHz quad core, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage running behind a 5-inch 720 x 1,280 display. Not shabby, but not great either. They’ve included a 13MP camera in the back and a 5MP camera in front – which seems to be the direction LG’s heading in these days.

But on the sound front, the Band Play will feature 1W speakers as well as a set of LG’s Quadbeat 3 headphones. Translation: Sound is all-important here. Very important, as there is another feature called a Focus Mode that shuts down most phone functions that would cause a notification or pop-up, like calls, data and WiFi (sounds like Airplane Mode to us) so you don’t have to endure musical interruptions.

Now the bad news. The Band Play is only confirmed for South Korea at present, with no details on whether it will become more widespread in future. Perhaps we’ll see a slightly different version for worldwide release.

Source: GSM Arena


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