Google’s got a health band in the works – but you can’t buy one


Wearables, wearables, everywhere and not a stop to think. At least in most games, where companies are releasing wearable trackers just to get themselves in the public eye. Google’s not exempt but they’ve been thinking about their tech and the rest is the newly-announced wearable heath band.

Google Health BandIt’s not intended for the retail market, Google is instead developing the as-yet unnamed device for use in the medical profession, “…for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials” according to Google’s Andy Conrad. The band will be able to keep tabs on your temperature, pulse and heart rhythm as well as track noise and light levels around the patient. Oh yeah, it’ll be available on prescription.

What else it’ll do isn’t known, it might just be a purely medical apparatus. We’re also not sure that the image above is actually the band, but several reports are bandying it about and saying that it belongs to Google. The design does conform to something medical, a band that won’t just unclip and a basic display as well as enough space for sensors in the watch face itself. Or it could be a generic digital wristwatch design from 1990. Stylish, it is not, but if it could help to save lives then its looks don’t really matter.

Source: Bloomberg, Engadget


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