Samsung’s Safety Truck lets you see upcoming hazards


If it was a little earlier in the year, we’d be convinced that this was some sort of April Fools joke but it’s the real deal – Samsung has designed a vehicle, called the Safety Truck, that lets you see right through it for upcoming hazards and oncoming traffic. The idea is to make it safer for drivers to overtake slow-moving trucks without swinging into a speeding BMW going in the other direction.

Samsung makes the Safety Truck work by way of a wireless camera, which broadcasts the road ahead to four linked LED monitors mounted on the rear of the truck. The truck driver’s point of view, more or less, is broadcast to the rear and this is what will help drivers to judge whether it’s safe to overtake. Nifty idea, if we do say so ourselves.

Though it might be a bit impractical. Distracted drivers might find themselves rear-ending trucks more often and we’ll all but certain that someone will find a way to add advertising to those screens at some point. Right now though, the Safety Truck is just a prototype – though it’s one that has undergone testing. The Safety Truck was trialled in Argentina, with the end result being that the prototype was retired. Samsung is taking the next steps to get Safety Trucks on the road, so we can assume that the trial was a success.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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