Telkom gets aggressive with mobile prepaid data


Telkom’s mobile arm has announced aggressive updates to its prepaid data packages in a move that could prompt rival operators to respond in kind. In addition to price cuts, the operator has consolidated it’s prepaid data offers, which were previously split into bundles that only worked when connected to Telkom’s own infrastructure and others that allowed for roaming on MTN’s network where Telkom doesn’t have coverage.

Now all prepaid data bundles include support for roaming, which should mean a better user experience and removes potential confusion for subscribers.

The operator has also reduced the price of its mobile data bundles substantially and has reduced the out-of-bundle rate from R1/MB to R0.29/MB.

Revised pricing for the bundles is outlined below:Telkom Prepaid DataPrepaid data bundles will be now be valid until the end of the next calendar month, rather than 30 days after purchase, so data will be valid for almost two months if purchased early in a given month.

At the same time, Telkom’s previous 2GB + 1GB, 25GB + 25GB and the 60GB + 60GB bundles have been replaced with the 3GB, 20GB and 50GB internet bundles respectively.

Details of the new bundles follow:New Telkom Prepaid DataIf the move prompts prepaid users to move to Telkom rival operators will be forced to reduce their prepaid data prices accordingly. We’re holding thumbs.


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