This is what Minecraft will look like using Hololens


We’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen from Microsoft’s Hololens but there’s more to it than making your home a more digitally interactive place to be. You can also play games with it. Case in point: Microsoft’s Minecraft and Hololens demo from this year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles.

It’s perfectly possible to use the Hololens to project a standard game of Minecraft onto a wall but the real fun comes in when it’s projected onto a table. Then players have a god’s-eye view of the game, including other players who might be in the world. Then, players can adjust the world by use of motion and voice controls, and peer inside buildings. Whether you’ll be able to effectively control your little Steve or Stevette from that view… doesn’t matter too much. It looks absolutely awesome.

The video above is the whole of the Minecraft presentation from E3 but if you’re keen on diving right in to the Hololens’ augmented reality skills, then jump to 2:33 on the video.


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