The Last Guardian yet lives, gets a tentative 2016 release date


If gaming has a white whale, then its name is The Last Guardian. The third in a series that counts PlayStation 2 games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus as its first two, The Last Guardian has been sighted and lost enough times to frustrate even Captain Ahab.

And this is just the latest tease. The upcoming story of a boy and his dog… er… dog-like, feathered bird-thing got another look-in at E3 with a six-minute gameplay video. And a fairly vague release date of 2016. But we’ve seen that before.

The Last Guardian is set to appear on the PlayStation 4 next year but we’re going to believe that when we see it. And we really would like to see the story of Trico (the giant puppy-bird) and the young boy who travels with him, even though we’re almost certain that it’s going to be a very sad story at the end of the day. A look at the video below, with its detailed movement and a very interesting (implied) control scheme involving the boy and his dog working together, should make for a mighty unique experience.


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