Apple likely bumping up the front camera on the new iPhone


It’s hard to keep secrets these days. Especially when bits of those secrets are stashed away in preview software for a new operating system. Microsoft has learned as much and now it’s Apple’s turn.

Detailed unearthed in the iOS 9 developer preview, by developer Hamza Sood, point towards hardware changes for Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Whether it’s the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7, it’s going to have an enhanced front camera.

Enhanced how? The listings found in the iOS preview suggest that Apple is prepping slow-motion, panorama and 60fps HD video capabilities for the new iPhone’s front camera. The iPhone 6 is, at present, capable of 720p video at 30 frames per second, with slow-mo and panorama functions completely absent right now. There’s also set to be a front-facing flash, which could mean that Apple’s jumping on the selfie bandwagon.

This represents quite a jump for the iPhone’s front-facer, even if they don’t push up the resolution for the camera all that much. We’re not expecting to see Apple leap into an 8MP front camera any time soon but this’ll do for now.

Source: via Apple Insider


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