Lycos gets back into the tech game with a smart band and ring


Hey, do you remember Lycos? Some of you might, but the former search company was before the time of at least a portion of our readers. That’s how long Lycos have been out of the limelight but they’re looking to step back in with a newly-announced set of wearable tech. Quite the jump from search engine to smart band but okay.

Lycos WearablesMeet the Life Band and the Life Ring. And no, they’re not going to help you search for the best place to buy dog food online or anything, that part of Lycos’ life is done. Instead these smart wearables, which are set to launch in the States later today, will act as security devices.

Both the Life Band and Life Ring, which will retail for $125 (R1,580) and $60 (R760) respectively) will offer security features. NFC unlocking of your smartphone is one that was revealed by The Verge. The Life Band will also function like a fitness tracker and sleep monitor but it looks as though Lycos has bigger plans for their range of wearables. Heart-rate tracking, that sort of thing.

It remains to be seen whether the remains of a once-impressive search company can crack the wearables market but they’re certainly not lacking ambition. They’re also starting the Lycos Life Project, using a portion of profits from the sale of the Band and Ring to fund water and air sensors to households in need.

Source: Lycos via The Verge


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