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From 15 June FNB will offers it customers the options to buy SIM cards directly through it’s FNB Connect arm, which already offers ADSL and 3G data. This means FNB is now a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). FNB is using Cell C’s network to offer its new services.

The move makes sense given the bank’s drive in recent years to improve mobility for its customers by increasing the functionality of its online and mobile banking portals and by offering its customers smartphones and tablets.

FNB SIM CardSIM cards will be standalone products and won’t be bundled with devices purchased through FNB. Ordering and managing SIMs is done using the existing FNB online banking service, which also means there’s no need to provide RICA documentation when requesting a SIM as the FICA documentation the bank already holds on its customers is sufficient.

Those wanting to move their mobile service to FNB can port their existing mobile phone number. In addition to conventional contract and prepaid offerings FNB is offering a “Flexi Package” that lets users create their own combination of voice, data and messaging allowances and change these from one month to the next.

Prepaid users can also opt for an auto top-up feature that adds airtime to their account when their balance falls below R5. Caps can be set for this feature for security purposes. All users will also be able to view a real-time call and transaction history using FNB’s online banking portal.

Customers can order, activate and cancel SIMs online and can request replacement SIMs the same way. They can also enable or disable international roaming online, which could prove very handy for those who forget to do so before leaving our shores.

As added incentive to sign up customers will earn eBucks – the currency of FNB’s rewards programme – on any FNB Connect purchases.

Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB, says the move is intended as “another way to add value to our customers’ lives” and further integrates  clients “into the FNB ecosystem”.

Stuff asked Celliers how many users he thinks the bank will attract with the new SIM offering, and whether it’s set any targets? “We will have a soft launch with no immediate plans to market above the line in the near future. Our focus is on getting things right for the customer rather than aggressively chasing sales,” he says.

You can find the full break-down of FNB Connect’s mobile packages and pricing here: FNB Connect Pricing Guide.


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  1. Bikrum singh on

    Hi there sir i trust you are well, as a valued customer i am very dissappointed in fnb ive purchased 2 sims card unlimted calls as it states 44500 minutes after a month my card doesnt work i called in the agent says i bridge the contract which of i dont know how and also she states that the card is used for biz like seriously am asumtion like that ,is total wrong ,she then tells me that the card only give 2000 minutes and something bout so many calls to be received and made out my argument is 1stly why its states unlimited calls and also states 44500 minutes so to my knowledge are we as customers getting caught by the mere fact it states 44500 minutes which is not my i ask if that is not fraud now by misleading us as customers my argument also is when i was at the branch phoenix the agent that did everything for me did not anywere in our conversation state that each card has only 2 000 minutes please advise urgently i await your feed back thank you

  2. Makwena Senyatsi on

    Am not enjoying my FNB simcard its not working i can’t use it for cellphone banking.calls are cut.

  3. I have an FNB sim card and I want to load airtime without using my banking app is this possible and if not, why not?

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