WWDC 2015 – What we’re expecting from Apple’s corner


It’s almost time for one of those annual events that we all look forward to, even if we’re not going to admit it to ourselves. 8 June is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), an outing that has more than just developers looking in to see what is coming next from the America-based fruit company.

As is conventional there’s been speculation about what Apple is going to be revealing, brought on by leaks, prescient analysts, and sometimes just plain old wishful thinking. Here’s what we reckon you’re going to see from Apple’s event next week.

iOS 9 – Because it’s not WWDC without a new mobile OS

iOS 9In all probability we’re going to find to see the reveal of iOS 9 at WWDC. So expect all manner of gushing over how much smoother your mobile Apple experience is about to get and perhaps a chance to get in on the preview test.

iOS 9 will bring tweaks to Apple Pay, which doesn’t excite us right now for obvious reasons, and Siri will be getting more versatile thanks to something called ProActive. This aims to bring calendar, contact and Passbook functions under Siri’s umbrella, as well as a few others, in an effort to make Siri handier than before. Changes to Apple’s Maps (an AR mode? Really?), as well as the usual run of design changes coming to iOS 9, are also expected.

OS X 10.11 – And all the features you can’t have until later

The new version of OS X, OS X 10.11, should also be rearing its head at WWDC 2015. Interspersed between the design changes, we should see a lot more interoperability between Apple’s notebook/desktop machines and their mobile range. Handoff and Continuity are likely to be expanded with the new OS and we’re also thinking that a beta will become available on or soon after 8 June. Should be fun.

An Apple TV – Not that one, the one we’re used to

Apple TVAn updated Apple TV – the set-top box rather than an actual TV set – will be part of this year’s WWDC. A new model of the set-top is almost certain, mostly because an update is overdue for the little plastic streaming slab. What will such an update contain? More interoperability, for one, and it’s thought that Siri will have found a new home in the Apple TV as well. What we probably won’t see is Apple’s rumoured streaming TV service, according to a report from Re/Code. Why? Because all the deals needed to get a subscription service of this nature off the ground aren’t final yet, it seems.

An iPad Pro reveal? – Perhaps…

iPad Pro Render LeakOkay, this one is a lot less likely but since WWDC is all about the software and there’s thought to be some interesting software coming for a larger iPad – namely split-screen functions along the lines of Windows 8.1’s window docking operations. So if there’s any chance that the iPad Pro will be making an appearance before the August (maybe) or September iPhone whatever announcement, this would be it. Just… don’t be too sad if it doesn’t rear its oversized head, this is far from a dead cert.

The Apple Watch – Features and improvements are (probably) incoming

WATCH EVENT HEADApple’s watch is great, it’s cool, it’s bloody expensive if you’re hoping to own one here in SA. But it’s not perfect and Apple will probably be outlining some new features coming for their wristwear. Mostly likely? We want to see actual third-party app support on the Apple Watch and the release of a Watch SDK is what will make this actually happen. Probability? We’d have to put this at about 70%, Apple’s going to want their wristwatch to stay in the spotlight.

An Apple-powered car?


Apple Car

Want to catch a live stream?

WWDC 2015If you’re looking at watching all of the WWDC action live (Apple’s not unaware that the tech world likes to hang on whatever they’re going to say, after all) then tuning in on the livestream is as easy as using Safari. Viewers wanting in need “…Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later” or “Safari on iOS 6.0 or later” or an Apple TV running the 6.2 firmware version. Just head on over to Apple’s livestream site with the appropriate configuration on the day and you’re sorted.


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