Uselessly cool – This is the transforming ASUS ROG H-Tower


Computex is home to some extremely interesting tech reveals but there are some stranger revelations in store than just a new smartphone, wristband or tablet. Those are still cool though but not many things are cooler than this… even if it’s a tad pointless.

Don’t get us wrong. The H-Tower, the result of a collaboration between ASUS’ Republic of Gamers label and a company called In Win, is impressive. Push a button and the sides of your desktop PC tower split apart, eventually raising the internal components into a position where they can be easily worked on, swapped out and have dust removed.

What the H-Tower doesn’t really have is a point. If you’re a serious gamer and one that goes to frequent LAN events then yes, there’s a definite bragging rights factor to the H-Tower. It looks awesome in action to a certain type of person. And if you’re frequently tinkering with your rig, then behind able to actually get your hands into it easily is another selling point.

But the point might just be moot, ASUS hasn’t said yet whether the H-Tower will actually be made and sold to the world at large. But it’s very nice to dream of a transforming PC case sometimes.

Source: Engadget


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