Skullcandy Method earbuds: all about that bass


Skullcandy’s Method in-ear headphones are designed for the energetic. They promise resistance to moisture both in terms of keeping it away from the earbuds inner workings and in terms of keeping the buds in place in sweaty ear canals. At R399 they also embody the brand’s positioning as a producer of affordable, high-quality (and often brightly coloured) audio gear.

Skullcandy-Method-verticalMethod earbuds come with two pairs of tips, one larger than those fitted by default, a peg-like clip for attaching the cable to a collar or sleeve and a small drawstring bag for storage.

The cable includes an in-line microphone and single control button. A single press of the button plays or pauses the current track, a double press skips track, and a triple press skips backwards. A long press initiates Siri on an iPhone, Voice Dialer on an HTC handset and S Voice on Samsung devices. There are no volume buttons so this has to be done on the audio source itself.

Skullcandy is a decidedly youthful brand, so it’s no wonder the Method earbuds give preference to the low-end of the audio spectrum. These buds are all about the bass, which suited us fine as we used them while running, which we tend to soundtrack with pop, hip-hop and rock tunes.

They’re not going to please purists who want balanced, evenly weighted sound, but we’d be surprised if those sorts of buyers were foolish enough to buy them in the first place.

The Method earbuds are, to our thinking, best suited to those looking for earbuds for the gym rather than activities like running. Their snug fit sees them blocking out more ambient noise than we’d like while running (especially on Johannesburg’s Wild West-like roads) and the lack of over-the-ear support means the controller on the cable bounces around and tugs at the left earbud. We didn’t get the feeling the left earbud was going to come out, but it’s unwanted distraction.Skullcandy-Method-remoteThey’d probably be pretty good for cycling, too, though we like to believe that no one in their right mind (and with a decently developed sense of self preservation) cycles while wearing headphones.

Nonetheless, the Method earbuds deliver on their promise of resisting the damp and offer pretty impressive sound for their diminutive price tag. They’re great value and unusually aesthetically subtle for Skullcandy, which gets two thumbs up from us. If you’re looking for workout-friendly earbuds or just something better than the earbuds supplied with your smartphone the Method earbuds are a solid choice.

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