PC-exclusive XCOM 2 in development, slated for November release


PC gamer? Strategy fan? Then 2K have got something for you.

2K have announced the official sequel to 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which is a very different proposition to the Enemy Within expansion pack that followed. XCOM 2, currently in development with Firaxis Games, takes place some twenty years after the events of Enemy Unknown.

All has not gone as well as you might have thought. The aliens have won and have taken over Earth as part of the Advent government. Players will resume the role of XCOM Commander but instead of having the backing of the planet against the alien threat they will have to stage hit-and-run strikes against alien rule. With limited resources, no less.

XCOM 2 will be bringing players tactical gameplay, procedurally-generated levels and a tougher challenge as they will have to stay ahead of the entrenched alien menace in a mobile base. Gamers can expect new weapons, classes and enemy types and, since this is a PC release, modding support has been improved.

XCOM 2 will drop players into the tense turn-based combat the series is known for come November 2015. It’s PC-only for now but Mac and Linux platforms will be getting some love as well, thanks to developer Feral Interactive.


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