Your task for today is to watch the whole of Kung Fury


We do get it, not everyone is going to find Kung Fury, a crowd-funded parody of 80s action movies featuring ninjas, Nazis, dinosaurs, Vikings and bad haircuts, as amazingly bad (in an often good way – for a given value of ‘good’) as the Stuff team did. But if you’re at all familiar with the 80s movie aesthetic, then you have to watch the newly-released short. Right now.

The film, which was funded using Kickstarter based on a live-action trailer, was premiered at the Cannes film festival before before released on YouTube in its entirety. It’s worth taking the 30 minutes or so needed to watch everything that it holds. We’re not going to spoil the plot, such as it is.

You’re either going to cringe at just how it portrays the 80s film scene, revel in the nostalgia that it invokes or roll your eyes at the sometimes-forced humour. But you will find something to entertain you, even if it’s only watching a T-Rex fighting a mechanical eagle. Yes, really. Also included: kung fu Hitler and David Hasselhoff. And hackers.

Source: YouTube via The Verge


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