Worried about the MacBook’s lone USB-C? Hydradock has you covered


Apple’s new MacBook Air models have ditched all of the ports and hold in the side of your slice of fruit in favour of the USB-C connector, which does everything from charge the notebook to facilitating transfers of data and connecting peripherals.

But is a single port enough, especially when it seems that this is a coming trend from Apple? Not for some users, who like to plug in EVERYTHING. The obvious answer is a USB-C capable hub and we’ve seen the like before (witness the Nonda Hub+) but a recently-Kickstarted solution called the Hydradock offers even more for the power-user.

Hydradock KickstarterThe Hydradock adds in (deep breath): a headphone jack, Ethernet port (Gigabit), SDXC slot, mini-DisplayPort, an HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports and another two USB-C ports. So there’s really nothing that you can’t plug into one of Apple’s updated machines.

Following the Kickstarter, which raised over $80,000 and concluded earlier this month, the Hydradock is set to happen. It should start shipping to backers next month but you can still pre-order it. It’ll set you back a princely $170 (around R2,070) to get your order in early but you’ll be able to turn your USB-C MacBook into a wire-sprouting centre of your electronic universe afterwards. Worth it?

Source: Hydradock


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