Lenovo’s new smartwatch features a Magic Eye second screen


Lenovo SmartwatchSmartwatches have been around long enough that the design is more or less settled. Nobody’s going to be doing anything too innovative than making it look like an actual wristwatch – in fact, the more it looks like a standard watch, the better people seem to like it.

But Lenovo’s got something a bit different in mind for their new smartwatch, and they’ve shown off the design at the Lenovo Tech World event.

Called Magic Screen, it’s a teeny little second display on a watch that looks a lot like Motorola’s Moto 360. Since they’ve bought Motorola, we guess they’re allowed to do that.

The screen is unusual in that it doesn’t do much. Until it’s lifted to your eye because that’s when you’re going to get an image onscreen that is 20 times larger than the watches display.

The Magic Eye second screen idea only activates when you lift the watch to your eye, meaning that you’re going to look quite silly trying to peer into your wristband but it does also mean that you’re going to be able to view larger-sized notifications and, possibly, even watch YouTube videos on the thing. Just… not while walking around, yes?

Right now the Magic Eye smartwatch is just a concept device, though it’s a working concept. So far, no word on when we might see it on actual wrists.

Source: Engadget


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