Nikon’s Heartography experiment is a camera for dogs


We’ve often thought of mounting action cams onto cats to see what it is that they actually do all day but we couldn’t take the sight of all that wanton rodent-slaughter. But Nikon’s gone the other direction and made themselves a camera that can be operated by dogs. Or by a dog’s heartbeat, at any rate.

The experiment is called Heartography and while it seems to be a promo for their Coolpix L31 camera, it’s still a pretty cool concept. Nikon 3D-printed a custom casing for their point-and-shoot which is connected to a heart-rate monitor, like the ones you get with various fitness smart-bands, via Bluetooth.

You let Fido roam around wearing both the camera and the heart-rate monitor and, once your canine pal’s heart rate rises enough, the 3D-printed casing snaps a picture of whatever poochy happens to be looking at. Cue images of all sorts of low-to-the-ground things and an alternative to food on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a Heartography setup at present. Pity. Marketing exercise or not, this is something that we could get behind. Having man’s best friend coming home with images of whatever it is that excited him or her could give us a better understanding of what sort of animals our pets really are. Just be prepared to delete pre-butt-sniffing images before posting the decent snaps on social media. With the correct attribution, of course.

Source: Quartz


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