Samsung combining phablets and notebooks with new patent application


Samsung’s toned down their smartphone release schedule but that doesn’t mean that they’ve abandoned their tendency to create weird and wonderful devices. If a new patent application is any indication, they’re considering ways to turn a phablet into a full-fledged notebook computer.

The application, revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website, was discovered by Patently Mobile. It outlines a way to use a phablet, like Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices, as an Android gadget. Slot it into a dock – which looks an awful lot like a notebook with a gaping hole in it – and it switches over to using Windows to power the larger hardware, though there is room for other operating systems to be used.

The system isn’t new, Asus have something similar with the Transformer Book V,which has yet to release. The weird thing about Samsung’s take on it is that the phablet would act as a touchpad for the notebook while it is docked, making it the smartest touchpad you’ll ever see. That’s because the dock would consist of just the basics – screen, keyboard, chassis. The rest of the components are housed in the phablet.

Will we ever see it on the market? We’ve got no information on that at the moment, but the patent was only filed for in the latter half of 2014. It could be soon, it could be never.

Source: Patently Mobile


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