Cortana is heading to Android, iOS via upcoming Phone Companion app


Microsoft’s going all-in with the Windows 10 operating system, going so far as to be releasing a Phone Companion app that will allow both Android and iOS smartphone users to more closely integrate their mobiles with the new OS.

The Phone Companion app has a couple of features but one notable item is Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. Microsoft says that “The ‘Phone Companion’ app on the PC will help you install the Cortana app from the Google Play or Apple App Store onto your phone so you’ll be able to take the intelligence of Cortana with you, wherever you go.” That’s an easy-ish way to bypass Google Now and Siri, yes?

Other features from the app include: the ability to connect to your Windows 10 device remotely, OneDrive access, and access to your music files though their new Music app. We can expect the app to launch before the end of this year, and we’re almost certain that the company will find a few other things to stick in there by then.

Source: Microsoft


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