The upcoming iPhone 6s could sport a 12MP camera


We’re still not sure what the final naming convention for the upcoming iPhone will be (who are we kidding, it’s… 99% certain that it’s the iPhone 6s) but other details seems to be spilling out readily enough. This time the iPhone’s camera has entered the rumour will, with Chinese news website Feng claiming to have the low-down.

Apple will apparently be switching away from the RGB sensor that the company has favoured in the past, replacing it with a Sony RBGW sensor. If this is the case, then the upcoming iPhone should sport improved low-light performance and the phone hasn’t been a slouch about that in the past so…

The sensor will also reportedly be taking a megapixel jump, up to 12MP from 8MP. This is another standard that Apple seems to have been loathe to leave behind but since they’ve finally made themselves a phablet, we can see the camera getting a few more megapixels in the new edition.

As usual, we’re not going to see Apple either confirm or deny these reports. They’re just going to sit there quietly until all of the official specs leak out the day before the announcement/reveal proper. As usual.

Source: GSM Arena


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