Windows 10 testers can help test streaming games from Xbox One to PC


Microsoft’s Windows 10 preview event carries with it a few problems, in that you’re dealing with an incomplete operating system that could just take it into its head to stop functioning as intended. But there are a couple of perks as well, especially if you’re also an Xbox One owner.

The ability to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC is on the way, and Microsoft is busy testing connections in preparation for the feature. And the Windows 10 Technical Preview folks are those who are going to be doing the testing, from within the Xbox app in the upcoming OS.

According to get in on the act (and if you’re a South Africa tester, you really should. So they know what we have to deal with here), you will have to “…connect your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC using the Xbox app: from the Connect menu, select your Xbox One console then choose Connect. Once connected, click on Test streaming to anonymously send the team diagnostic information about your PC and network settings.”. It seems that the ability to actually stream content hasn’t made its appearance just yet.

Source: Major Nelson


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