The hoverboard gets ever closer, with a World Record for distance


Apparently this hoverboard has enough power. Not only is it the record-holder for distance, with a total of 275.9 metres covered in a single… flight(?), it does all of this over water.

The creation of a Canadian, Catalin Alexandru Duru, the propeller-lifted hoverboard has more in common with the average hovercraft than some of the mag-lev boards we’ve seen in recent months. It’s also got more in common with a drone and/or blender – there might be guards in place over the fan blades but it’d probably still dice things quite nicely on landing.

The record, and it’s an authentic Guinness World Record as you can tell by the video, was set last year but the footage of the record attempt only surfaced recently. It was conducted over water because it is safer for the operator than travelling over land. Have you seen how high up that thing is?

Though we’ve got no idea whether Duru is working on an improved version of his hoverboard (we like to imagine that he’s roaming Canada like a boss right now on his board), it does give us hope for a future where hoverboards are really a thing.

Source: via Digital Trends


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