A $20,000, self-propelled wakeboard? Meet the Wakejet Cruise


A wakeboard without a boat is just a plank. But what if you didn’t need to bring a boat along for the ride? What happens then? The Wakejet Cruise, the brainchild of a Swedish company called Radinn, aims to find out.

According to the company, the Wakejet Cruise combines “…the agility and speed of wakeboarding with the freedom of surfing, it allows for riding in the ocean, sea, lake – or even up a rapid”, and just to prove it they’ve got a video of their little jet-ski/surfboard in action.

The Cruise is electrically-powered, with a battery supplying the juice. When it’s charged, a process that should take about an hour, you’ve got between 30 minutes and an hour of riding time – half an hour at its top speed of 45km/h. It also features built-in GPS, similar safety cutouts to your average jetski and an app. Obviously. If there’s any problem with it, we suspect it would be manoeuvrability. It seems a bit stodgy on turns, which is something you don’t get with a surfboard. Well, most surfboards.

The Cruise is expected to set users back some $20,000 (about R240,000) and was up for pre-order… But all of the current stock are spoken for, with deliveries expected to start in October this year.

Source: Radinn via Engadget


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