See what it takes to set an HTC One M9 on fire


No smartphones were harmed during the making of the above video. Okay, wait, we can’t actually say that with a straight face. The video above, which runs just over six minutes, consists of multiple drop tests of an HTC One M9 by an outfit called Digiato. But that’s not its ultimate test.

That comes after three drops have damaged the edges, shattered the screen and, somehow, stopped the camera from working. What do you do with a phone like that?

Well, you set it on fire, of course. Though the video is in a language we can’t understand (subtitled, helpfully), it seems that the reviewer was taking queries about the M9’s supposed overheating a bit seriously. So they’ve cooked it, using what we can only describe as a flamethrower, until it shuts down and, eventually, gets its very own Viking funeral. Before it bursts into flames though; it survives direct heat for a surprisingly long time.

Source: Digiato (YouTube)


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