Microsoft brings hyperlapses to Android and Windows users


Sorry Apple users, but Microsoft has put paid to that smug look you’ve been able to wear since Instagram released its second app, Hyperlapse, last August. Microsoft Hyperlapse takes jerky video and makes it buttery smooth using a fancy algorithm, much like Instagram’s Hyperlapse. But, unlike Instagram’s offering, Microsoft Hyperlapse can be used to process existing video, not only video captured with the app, because it relies solely on algorithms to smooth out video, not on the motion sensors in a mobile device.

Microsoft Hyperlapse is available in beta for Android, for Windows Phone and for Windows on desktop. The desktop version, called Hyperlapse Pro, is designed to let users take advantage of the added processing power in laptop and desktop computers. Hyperlapse Pro is free for now but footage created with it includes a watermark. A paid version is set to follow. To run Hyperlapse Pro you’ll need a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or newer.

While there’s no iOS version of the service at launch, Apple users who want to try out the service can always process their video using Hyperlapse Pro… assuming they have access to a Windows machine, that is. And assuming it doesn’t make them feel too dirty.


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