Have you heard the one about Google Tone?


Have you ever been browsing the web on one device and found a link that you really want to put onto another device? There are ways to do that. In the bad old days, it involved writing down and typing out a massive URL, but you can also send the link via email or IM.

There is another way though, even if its not exactly going to be changing the world any time soon. Enter the magic of Google Tone, a new Chrome extension that lets you share web addresses with another computer. Not impressive in itself, until you know how Google Tone works.

Google Tone needs to be installed on the machines that you’re hoping to transfer URLs between (running the Chrome browser, of course) and having a speaker and microphone is a must. So just about any notebook will do. You share the URL and your computer will emit a sound that other nearby devices can translate into the web location. Your target browser picks up the sound, turns it into a URL and navigates there – something that we can see great potential for if you’re able to install it on every PC in an office environment without being noticed. Of course, you have to use your power wisely or you’re getting fired.

Google Tone is more a curiosity than anything else at the moment but, should it prove popular, it may just break out of the desktop and move on to mobile devices. Then there’s no telling where the power of sound will take us next. Probably advertising, broadcast from stores in shopping centres, now that we think of it.

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