Blood warning – God of War III Remastered for the PS4 looks brutally good


First off – Don’t hit play if you’re squeamish. If you managed to finish any God of War title, you’re okay.

Second – This whole ‘remastered’ trend that has taken off since the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is getting pretty annoying but even we have to admit that God of War III Remastered for the PS4 is looking bloody good. Emphasis on the word bloody.

This ten-minute boss battle takes viewers back to the fight between Kratos, easily-irritated Spartan and mortal, and Hades, god of the underworld – hereafter referred to as ‘the deceased’. In order to get the best look at what Sony are offering for Kratos’ first appearance on the PS4, you’ll need to crank the video to 1080p60 in YouTube’s settings but the end result is worth it. Hopefully your internet connection thinks so.

Every bit of dismemberment is smoothly detailed, with an excellent frame-rate – in this presentation at least. Sony is “targeting” a 60fps GoW III Remastered when the game is launches in July this year, whether they get it is another story. And we have to question: As good as this looks, will the improved visuals be enough reason to get our hands on God of War III again?


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