Microsoft is challenging the world to Solitaire


Since the days of Windows 3.0, Solitaire has been a staple time-waster of Microsoft operating systems. Don’t even try and deny it, at some point you sat and clicked between stacks of cards until it was time to go home or actually do something productive.

And it’s been on the Windows OS for 25 years. Well, technically Microsoft Solitaire will turn 25 on 22 May this year. Rather than buy it a car or something, Microsoft has other plans for Solitaire. They’re challenging you to a tournament.

Starting in June (Microsoft hasn’t given an exact date but Ars Technica reports that it’ll go live on 5 June), they’re going to be challenging the world to take on the best players that the company can field, based on challenges and leaderboards being conducted internally at Redmond.

“From Klondike to FreeCell to Spider, TriPeaks and Pyramid game modes, you’ll be challenged to bring your best to defeat our best.”

Is there a prize? Probably not, just bragging rights. But at least now when you’re caught playing with digital cards, you can claim that you’re training to be the best.

Source: Microsoft via Ars Technica


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