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STUFF_June_90dpiSamsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (an extended look), 50 mobile games that you have to play, an awesome TV and Apple’s Watch – tested in every way we could think of

That’s what you can expect right off the bat for Stuff’s tech-stuffed June issue, which is on-shelf now. Either pick up your issue from your favourite magazine stockist – and if they don’t have Stuff Magazine, please let us know – or grab a digital version right now for all this and more.

Bloodhoud ActualThe ‘more’ part being a gander at the Bloodhound, the supersonic car that will be in South Africa later this year attempting to break the world land-speed record (with a hoped-for speed of 1,610km/h). Yikes.

Apple Watch LineupBut as awesome as this is, June’s headliner has to be the Apple Watch, which we have put through every permutation of test we could think of. Want to use it as a smartwatch? Fitness watch? Just a watch? We detail all the possible usages for Apple’s wristwear, so you know exactly what you’re getting into when it lands.

S6 HeaderAnd yes, we’re taking another look at Samsung’s Galaxy S6, the best phone we’ve ever used. Think that’s hyperbole? Think again. Oh, and we’re also examining the S6 Edge in a bit more detail this month.

Also on the menu are a look at Battlefield Hardline, Tesla’s Powerwall, a truly awesome LG TV (4K, naturally) and a spot of home automation in preparation for next month’s issue.


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