Meet Lily, an adorable little drone that follows you everywhere you go


Have you ever plummeted off the edge of a mountain in a wingsuit only to wish you had someone mad enough to join you and record you mid-flight? Well today’s your lucky day.

Lily is a new camera drone that’s designed to track and follow your every movement, thanks to a GPS module that you wear on your wrist.

The module acts like an invisible leash, ensuring that Lily is constantly following you and recording your gnarly antics at all times.

It can capture 1080p video while flying up to 40km/h, with a range of 30 metres, and it’s completely waterproof too, providing surfers, kayakers and other water enthusiasts with a way to capture their skills.

That waterproofing means that you can’t remove its battery though, but its 20 minute life span is fairly generous in the wider context of the drone world.

You can pre-order the Lily from here for $500 (R5,920), ahead of its final $1000 (R11,825) price tag when it eventually lands.

Source: via TechRadar


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