Looking for a moddable mobile? Sony’s range might be for you


Some people are never happy with what they have. And who can blame them, when it comes to mobile phones. Sometimes the version of Android you really, really want just isn’t going to be made for your model, sometimes you’re just after something new.

Xperia E4Which is where custom ROMs (as well as the frustration, time required, patience needed and oh-crap-I-bricked-it that comes with them) come in. Traditionally Sony’s handsets have been harder to mod that most but that’s about to change.

Sony Mobile has released a series of official bootloaders for certain models of smartphone, all based on the Cortex-A7 chipset (the Xperia T2 Ultra, Xperia T3, Xperia M2, and Xperia E3, if you must know), that should make it easier for users to install custom ROMs, like the ever-popular CyanogenMod.

Best of all, this official support (we say official, Sony Mobile has yet to make a proper announcement but the bootloaders are live) means that you’ll be able to recover your handset easily in the event that anything goes pear-shaped. Which, as many phone-modders will tell you, is disturbingly often – especially if you don’t read the instructions.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try modding one of the available Sony handsets, head on to FXP for the low-down on how to get hold of the bootloaders.

Source: FXP blog via Engadget


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