This is the Square Enix tech demo for DirectX 12 and Windows 10 at BUILD 2015


Yeah, it’s time to pack up that whole ‘Who’s got the better gaming platform’ and go home. The PC has won, again.

Not that there was every any doubt that the PC has the potential for the greatest performance on the visual front, it’s been the front-runner pretty much… forever.

But Microsoft and game developer/publisher Square Enix have moved the bar out of range for consoles once again with a new tech demo that Square Enix did for Redmond’s BUILD 2015 event last week to showcase Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

Based on Final Fantasy, this short presentation – titled WITCH Chapter 0 [cry] – gives you some idea of what’s going to be possible on the PC when DirectX 12 eventually lands. We’re looking at over 63 million polygons per scene in the video above, which is a marked improvement on DirectX 11.

But this sort of in-game rendering will still be out of reach for many. Not only do game developers have to go into this sort of detail during development but you’re also going to need a hefty lot of hardware to get what you see above. Case in point: This short scene used four Nvidia GTX Titan GPUs.

Source: Michael Wieczorek (YouTube) via Digital Trends


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