The Turing Phone is stronger and more secure than Alcatraz


Turing Robotic Industries has just announced the Turing Phone, a smartphone that’s on a mission to stand out from the crowd.

How does it do that? By being ultra secure and very, very strong. The Turing Phone has its own server-free encrypted communication system, which only works with other Turing Phones. It also has a fingerprint reader and a magnetic charging system, similar to the the Magsafe system found on some Apple devices.

It’s supposedly machined from a material called ‘Liquidmorphium’, a zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel and silver alloy that’s said to be stronger than steel or titanium, so rest assured it should survive the odd knock here and there.

What’s inside the armour?

Under the hood you’ll find a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 5.5in full HD 1080p display. Internal storage can be specced up to 128GB and it comes with 8- and 13MP front- and rear-facing cameras respectively. While not bad, it’s fair to say that these specs don’t quite cut it versus 2015’s flagships.

Turing is expecting the Phone to begin shipping on August 10th. Prices will start from $740 (which converts to around R9,000) unlocked for the 64GB version or $870 (R10,600) for the 128GB version.

Source: Turing Robotic Industries


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