Charge Everything – Eskom planning extensive maintenance this weekend


We hope that you have your devices all lined up and charged, alternative sources of power and/or entertainment handy and a pretty decent supply of food that doesn’t need to be cooked. Eskom is, according a report from the SABC, set to take down at least a few of their generating units this weekend for maintenance.

The down-time, which has been dubbed an annual ‘maintenance festival’ will see unspecified units undergoing overhauls, in hopes that the utility will be able to stave off worse load-shedding in the midst of winter this year. Repairs to damaged units will also be taking place during this period.

We’re expecting a larger-than-normal possibility of load-shedding over the long weekend, though Eskom has said that they expect to be operating with enough capacity to avoid leaving us in the dark due to a reduced demand for power outside of business hours. And since we’re ever-hopeful, maybe this will give us all some lights (as well as home-cooked food) over the winter months. What? We can dream, can’t we?

Source: SABC


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