Skully’s AR-1 smart motorcycle helmet scheduled for launch in May


We’ve been keeping track of the Skully AR-1 smart motorcycle helmet for a while, even further back than the IndieGoGo campaign that eventually funded the whole thing. We say eventually, but it was funded in a matter of days, eventually raising $2.44 million of their original $250,000 target – almost 1,000% of their total.

We’re getting closer to actual market availability and with that comes a few more details about what the Skully AR-1 can do. Some of it we’ve already been made aware of but there’s more detail floating about at present.

Skully HUDIn brief, the AR-1 will feature an integrated HUD (heads-up display) in the faceplate which will show riders important info, like GPS directions as well as a rear feed in an inset view, so riders are always aware of what’s happening directly behind them. This feed comes via the embedded rear-facing camera.

Other information will also be available, like bike status, speed, RPM and other telemetry, provided you have the correct model between your legs. A list of supported bikes hasn’t been made available yet, sadly.

Skully AR-1 WireframeThe GPS system is built into the helmet and will make use of crowdsourced maps. Translation: North America and Europe will be pretty well covered but South African shouldn’t have a hard time with navigation either. An offline map can be saved, if you’re motoring out of coverage areas, and Skully have got plans to support traffic data as well. The AR-1 has two batteries, as you might expect from something laden with tech: a 20-hour battery operating the visor’s E-Tint feature as well as a 9-hour battery that runs the rest of the helmet.

It’s almost on the market, with a May 2015 arrival time currently slated according to Digital Trends. But you can pre-order the helmet right now, though it’ll cost you. Even so, the $1,500 (R18,250) you’re going to be paying for it is worth avoiding accidents and protecting your brain-case in the event of one.

And you’ll unfortunately be importing it, at least as the pre-order site stands now. But Skully have said that they’ll be shipping the DOT/ECE-approved brain-bucket worldwide so odds are you’ll be able to order direct soon.


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